Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spay Day Superlatives!

On Feb. 19, I was happy to participate in the I Love NYC Pets Month Spay Day event in New York City's Lower East Side, sponsored by the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States and the Mayor's Alliance for New York City's Animals. If you're a vet or tech, I'd encourage you to help out your community through this kind of spay/neuter or vaccine clinic. After all, performing microchipping and vaccinations all day can be like a vacation compared to a typical day in private practice.

For the I Love NYC Pets event, there was a great turnout despite wind and cold; there were early arrival campouts followed by a continuously long line. The only things distinguishing this scene from a rock concert scene were dogs, cats, and the absence of a pervasive marijuana smell.

Close to 100 animals were vaccinated and microchipped, and another 100 were spayed or neutered. Here are the obligatory superlatives from my vaccination/microchipping recipients:

Best Dressed:

I think his ultra-short Dachshund legs prevented him from pawing off that baseball cap like any other dog would have. By the way, don't rag on him for being a Yankees fan...again, this was New York City.

Best dressed human and overall best dressed runner-up was HSUS's Adam G., who spent the day as a Schnauzer. What a good sport...or perhaps just smart, since he was probably the only one out there there not freezing his tail off.


Everyone's favorite (or maybe just mine) of those coveted pit bullies with donkey ears. I tried to steal him away from his people, but unfortunately they refused to leave without him.

Funniest AND boldest:

....because not everyone is fearless enough to wear their pumpkin suit when they visit the doctor in the middle of February!

Thank you to the ASPCA vet assistants who diligently flipped every single animal around to face left so I could attain my preferred microchipping angle. Here is the hard-working crew:

If you're a veterinary student, tech or vet interested in spay/neuter or vaccination experiences near or far from home, read about the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association's Field Services program (formerly known as RAVS/Rural Area Veterinary Services).

Also, with all my sincerity, I'd like to thank you for reading this blog. You're one cool cat for doing so. A lot of people are too busy playing Farmville or texting to bother reading at all, ya know?

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