Sunday, April 17, 2011

Harlem Vaccine Clinic Superlatives

Here we go! These are just a few obligatory superlatives from yesterday's ASPCA vaccination and microchip clinic in Harlem, NYC, where our little mobile van of hard workers served 119 animals. I gave about 200 vaccinations, implanted approximately 100 microchips and left with only 1 band-aid on my hand. Kudos to NYC for being well-behaved...among the 217 total animals I've now seen there, only one could  truly be considered "fractious." No, it wasn't a human animal. It was one of those feline animals who was spitting and striking at the carrier before it was even approached...even my cat whispering can't fix that under those circumstances.


Best Dressed:  New York City residents insist on dog couture. I've been told New York City dogs (and only New York City dogs) will freeze and die without dog couture. All right. In any case, this dog was pretty hot!

Best Smile: Does any other type of dog ever win this superlative? Impossible! And he had an ultra-fast wagging, thumping pittie tail to go along with his bully smile.

Most Spirited: This little guy reminded me of my own "spirited" pup (i.e. the EthVet mascot). He came for vaccines and a microchip but had his own plans in mind - he spontaneously leapt off the table and decided to go hang out in the paperwork area of the van instead. Jacks... you know how they are!

Luckiest: This little cutie and its equally cute sibling were scooped up by the pictured kind gentleman, who stood on line for over an hour to get them their first vaccines.

Best Ride: This little guy arrived in a denim tote bag. He was cool with it, as long as his little paws were allowed to hang out.

This event also had daylong spay/neuter services onsite and was a great educational opportunity. As always, I'd like to underscore my strong belief that veterinarians have a professional obligation to educate clients and the public about the importance of spay/neuter. Aside from prepared spiels about it reducing mammary cancer, uterine cancer, pyometras and testicular cancer, I feel it is the veterinarian's responsibility to emphasize that there are 4-6 million animals put down in shelters every year because there are already too many dogs and cats out there.

Thanks to the folks at the A for all they do, both locally and nationally.

Some noteworthy ASPCA services: 
Operation Pit:  free spay/neuter surgery and vaccination for pits/pit mixes in NYC, by appointment only
Free or Low-Cost Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic: visits all 5 buroughs
Adoption Center: placed over 3,540 animals into adoptive homes last year

P.S. Special thanks also to Strictly Roots all-vegan soulfood restaurant in Harlem, simply for existing, and only a block away from the vaccination clinic. I was starving by the end of the day. (If you haven't been to an all-vegan restaurant, take your animal advocacy to the next level while treating yourself...there are more than 45 outstanding vegetarian/vegan restaurants in New York City alone!)